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Season for Memories






Season for Memories


My ears have heard the sounds of spring

A distant thunderstorm

I close my eyes and think of you

A haven in the storm.


My eyes have seen the daffodils

We've walked amongst the flowers

The days were long, I'd sing a song

To brighten up the hours.


My joy has turned to summer bliss

A time spent in the park

As we hold hands and fly our kites

Next to a meadowlark.


My thoughts are filled with visions

A lovely sun-drenched day

The way the light shines on your face

Does take my breath away.


My mind is veiled with autumn days

As leaves swirl through the air

A peaceful stroll down country roads

We found God's presence there.


My life is swept by years gone by

The seasons seem to blend

I see you in the golden haze

I feel you in the wind.


My soul is draped in winter wear

The flakes come swirling down

The warmth we share while stand there

The special love, I've found.


My heart still yearns, my soul does burn

To hold you, oh, so tight

Two shadows braced against the sky

One starry moon-lit night.


Author/Written by:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of:

Until Then Graphics




"Everything I Do"









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