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October's Shawl



October's Shawl

October is a lovely month
Wrapped in a flaming shawl
It holds the richest treasures
As the summer turns to fall.


The brilliant leaves swirl to the earth
Colors of orange and brown
Dipped in scarlet and touched with bronze
They fall silently to the ground.


The grass is dying, the flowers are gone
October is taking his stand
He is paving the way for winter
Leaving his mark upon the land.


He does his job so silently
Splashing the woodlands with gold
To be altered by ruthless 'Ole Winter
Who enters so careless and bold.


He will crinkle the leaves that you've colored
Causing a state of despair
And cover the day with a blanket of gray
Forgetting you ever were there.


But, although your radiant flame must die
And the delicate leaves do fall
You've paved the way for snowflake days
As winter drapes your shawl.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson






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Music: "Tumblin Tumbleweed"

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