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Old Jim Died Today




Old Jim Died Today


Old Jim was just a good ole boy

As several here would say

The kind of fellow many liked

In their own special way.


His caring wife and family

Stood by him all the way

He never missed a day of work

For there were bills to pay.


The town considered him a friend

To everyone around

He always gave a lending hand

When someone else was down.


Jim loved to fish down at the lake

He really reeled em in

The neighbors gathered ‘round his door

To hear the tales he’d spin.


He was the best at hunting, too

His buddies stood in awe

The biggest buck for miles around

Was mounted on his wall.


Ole Jim drove a pickup truck

Had coffee with the boys

Down at the local restaurant

He’d brag about his toys.


Once in awhile, he’d meet the gang

Down at the local bar

He’d only drink just one or two

He never went too far.


A family man, that’s what they said

The day he passed away

His neighbors came from miles around

Respects, they came to pay.


Old Jim lived a life so full

Of that, there was no doubt

Yet, the very most important thing

Had somehow been left out.


Of all his years upon this earth

Throughout this life, he trod

He never once had gone to church

Nor had he mentioned God.


They lowered him into the ground

Beneath the grass so green

His soul now filled with knowledge

Unknown to kings and queens.


The richest men that roam the earth

Would give it all to know

What lies beyond this mortal life

Where golden rivers flow.


The truth has been revealed to Jim

I’m sure he knows it well

He knows there is a heaven

He knows there is a hell.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Music "Statue of a Fool"

Clay's Gospel Midi








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