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Cactus Jim from Quincy, IL.


Cactus Jim

Cactus Jim "Dick Moore"

Dick Moore, my good friend and buddy formerly of Quincy, Illinois
recently contacted me through my web site a few years ago and asked
me if I remembered "Cactus Jim" from the Prairie Farms Cactus Jim Club
 that aired on television for 17 yearson KHQA-Channel 7 and WGEM-Channel 10
out of Quincy, Illinois.  In addition to the children's show, Cactus Jim also
was well known for advertising Prairie Farms milk back in the 1950's, 1960's
and early 1970's.

I emailed Cactus Jim back and told him that I used to watch
his program when I was a child. He came on everyday at 5:00 p.m.
and had a huge following of children. Many would have given anything
to get the chance to appear on his show. Cactus Jim and I have been
corresponding since his email and little did I know that he has
 been a subscriber to my poetry site since June 2005.
It truly is a small world!

Now 84-years-old, Cactus Jim aka Dick Moore, is married to Lois,
his loving wife and partner of many years and became a born
again Christian after checking into alcohol rehabilitation when he was a
young man. Dick said his life has become a love affair with the Lord since
 that time. He mentioned that he had been down the road to fame
 and fortune and found it to be very empty and unfulfilling.

I encouraged "Cactus Jim" to start his own website 
where mine was hosted and he has done just that. He finished up with 
all of his photo's and stories about his life in Quincy, etc., but you might
want to check back for updates to his site. He posted rare photos of
Gene Autry and Cactus Jim posing together when Gene Autry paid
a visit to meet with Cactus Jim and attended his
 "Prairie Farms Cactus Show.

(as of April 11, 2016)

I had not heard from Richard Moore for several years
and attempts to reach him where futile.  I finally was able
to correspond with Richard's brother and he told me that
his dad had been quite ill and was no longer able to 
get out and communicate like he used to, however,
I learned that he does have a Facebook fan site for
anyone wanting to post or read his post. 

You can find

his fan site on Facebook

by clicking on the the link  below.

Prairie Farms Cactus Club

Music: Cattle Call



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