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To Jordon with Love


To Jordon with Love

So tiny and so precious
Skin of olive brown
Spanish and Caucasian
Most handsome lad in town.

His little hands stay busy
He hurries through the day
World so full of wonder
Lost in tender play.

With fingerprints on table top
Pressed upon the door
Memories linger everywhere
Tiny child of four.

Quietly settled on the floor
His life takes on a shape
Toys all gathered ‘round him
Watching videotape.

Favorite things beside him
Ten engines and 25 cars
With things to thank like “Thomas Tank”
He journey’s to places afar. 

For just a moment, he’s gone from us
Lost in a world of trains
We savor those sweet hours
They’ll not return again.

When play time has subsided
He climbs into my lap
I gently hold him close to me
He takes a little nap.

Then comes the time for reading
He’s learning numbers too
I know that I must teach him things
So many things to do.
Try to show him right from wrong
Taught him how to pray
When Grandma wasn’t feeling well
He prayed for her that day.

He bows his head at mealtime
Sometimes he gives the grace
He’s so much like his Grandpa

God bless his little face.

I know that I’m not perfect
I do the best I can
I'll always be there for him
I love that little man.

With all the problems facing us
We never do feel cruddy
Cause Grandma is his sweetheart
And me, I’m his best buddy.

While nothing is for certain
He is my source of joy
My grandson and my hero
My Jordan, that’s my boy!

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson




I composed the
above poem exclusively for Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Barrows of Florida.

He and his spouse "Ellen" are
grandparents and daily caregivers of
their 4 year old grandson "Jordan"
(pictured in above photo).  Mr.
Barrows is a retired school teacher
and a long-time subscriber to my
poetry site.


January 05, 2009

Leonard's wife "Ellen" just emailed
me to let me know that Leonard passed
away of renal and congestive heart
failure.  He had been in and out of
the hospital for the past 3 years.
Ellen told me that Jordan is 9 years
old now, in 4th grade and a straight
A student.  I'm sure his grandfather
was very proud of him and continues
to be in his heavenly home upstairs.

You may email Jordan's grandmother
"Ellen" at the address below. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




"Mama's, Dont Let Your
Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys"


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