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Whispers from a Nursing Home



Whispers from a Nursing Home


No one can really understand

The pain inside my heart

To see you in a nursing home

Just tears my world apart.


In my thoughts, I never dreamt

That it would come to this

To see you lying in that bed

Our lives have gone amiss.


I think about our special day

A time of wedded bliss

Through thick and thin, we vowed back then

And sealed it with a kiss.


My heart, it longs for days of old

I miss you, oh so much

And as I gaze into your eyes

I think about your touch.


A misscarriage and two still births

Oh how my heart did mourn

We lost two girls but joy did come

The day our son was born.


Where did they go, those passing years

When things were not so bad

I think about the times back then

And all the fun we had.


A special ship, the cruise we took

We traveled here and there

For just a time the world stood still

The pleasures we did share.


 It hurts to see you fade away

Like minutes on a clock

The strokes have taken toll on you

You cannot speak or walk.


I talk to you, I know you hear

But do not make reply

You lay there like a piece of stone

And watch the days go by.


What can I do, what can I say

To make the future bright

I think about you through the day

And miss you in the night.


The staff within those walls of brick

They do the best they can

You sit there in a gerry chair

I try to understand.


The beds and pills will go away

The hurt and agony

When angels gather round your bed

To set you spirit free.


You'll sail amongst the heavens

Beyond the silver moom

Where saints of God do gently trod

And cherubs gently croon.


But till that day, I'll sit and wait

For Jesus to appear

He'll wrap you and his arms and say

"He's going with me, my dear."


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







This poem was written exclusively for a subscriber

of mine named Antida Debattista who's husband

is a resident of a nursing home and is suffering

from a series of debilitating strokes. Many, who

have loved ones, confined to a nursing home

will be able to relate to pain she is experiencing.


You may email Anitida at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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