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Generations of Valor






Generations of Valor


Of all the lessons in this life

We must remember this

The many men who gave their lives

When war had gone amiss.


A bright young soldier far from home

Tried to find his way

A lanky lad so strong and brave

Gave up his life today.


A young recruit in army gear

Sent out across the sea

Took a bullet in the chest

Died for you and me.


Air force fighter in the sky

Smoke was all around

Frightened voice cries out for help

Before they shot him down.


Navy sailor dressed in blue

Rides upon the sea

Missle launched, ship went down

Perished in the sea.


Other soldiers, Semper Fi

Came home in distress

Legs were severed, vision gone

Their lives were such a mess.


Many soldiers fought and died

Upon a distant shore

The men who marched on foreign soil

Are heroes of the war.


The nightmares of the ones who live

Can never be erased

In bed at night, they toss and turn

Memories are encased.


Untarnished by the hands of time

The years blend into one

Two soldiers join together

A father and a son.


Their kindred hearts are tightly knit

They share and reminisce

United in a bond of love

When war had gone amiss.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson









Above Photo

©2006  Associated Press


Photo was taken of Pearl Harbor survivor

"Houston James" of Dallas Texas

embracing Marine Staff Sgt. "Mark Graunke Jr."

during a Veterans Day commemoration in

Dallas, Texas.  Graunke lost a hand, a leg and eye

when he defused a bomb in Iraq.




Music: "Allelujah"









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